Sanja Srdanović

A PhD student/researcher of the graduate school 'Nominal Modification' at the Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Since October 2017, I have been a PhD student/researcher as a part of the Graduate School ‘Nominal Modification’, at the Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

Learning foreign languages has made me aware of the fact that different languages share similar scheme and impose general rules and constraints in terms of the language structure. What I found fascinating about generative grammar was that it provided tools for me to approach language as a system from an empirical point of view and study its regulations and limitations and try to include them in a theoretical framework. Since then, my main research interests encompass morphology and syntax of natural languages, especially NPs and DPs, and that is the investigation of nominal modification,  argument licensing, morpho-syntactic features of nouns and their cognitive processing.

What particularly interested me was the topic of deverbal nominalization. I was intrigued by the complexity of deverbal nominals and the fact that they show both nominal and verbal features. As a result, my interest in the topic lead to writing my Master’s Thesis under the title “Cognitive processing of result and process nominals in English and Serbian” with Prof. Sabina Halupka-Rešetar as my supervisor.

Staying in the nominal domain, I would like to focus my current research on the structure of Serbian DPs modified by possessives. In my dissertation I would like to discuss and compare the behaviour of Serbian possessive modifiers in the subject position in constructions involving binding and C-command. By providing empirical support, I want to investigate whether this phenomenon in Serbian indeed differs from typical DP languages such as English or German. Finally, I would like to contribute to the debate concerning the structure of the noun phrase in Serbian.